Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In home chopped

Since we are moving we are trying to use up food we have in the house do we have less to move.
So last weekend we decided to have our own chopped competition. Our main "basket item" had to include pork chops. We were able to use anything else in the house that we wanted.
I came up with Asian lettuce wraps. Mike well, he went a little outside the box. His first dish was actually pretty good. It was a mustard glazed pork sandwich. The second dish was so bad I couldn't even swallow it. Mike ate it but, I think he was trying to prove that it was good. It was a baked pork chop that was coated with chocolate covered graham crackers with an applesauce and peanut butter reduction.
We are for sure going to do this type of competition again. It was so much fun.

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