Friday, March 1, 2013

20 weeks and it's a BOY!

We had our ultra sound this week and after much debate we decided to find out if this little one was going to be another little girl or a boy.
I was really undecided as to what we would have but in the back if my mind I really did think girl and so did the rest of the family. Mike thought we had a "20% chance" of having a boy.
Our ultrasound tech was really nice and she did a great job explains everything she was looking at. When she asked if we wanted to see we said yes. She showed us the picture and I could clearly see little boy parts. I could not believe it. I just started tearing up.
Our little guy is measuring on track and is healthy. I am very excited to see him in July!
We have talked about names but haven't decided on anything yet. I have already bought some blue onsies and I'm excited to get his room put together.

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