Monday, March 11, 2013

Cloth diaper update

I have not done an update on my cloth diaper situation in a while so I thought now would be a good time.  Well, Evelyn is now 2 and things have changed in the diaper department.
She is now able to take off her diaper on her own and does so whenever she pee's so, we have not been using the aplix ones unless she has a onsesie on.  I am still using primarily Flips with a few pockets during the day.  I have also started to use some prefolds instead of just the stay dry inserts with the Flip covers.
I bought a few kawaii covers and a couple econobum covers too. The kawaii cover seem to be pretty roomy which is great for using over a fitted but, I didn't like it too much with a regular sized prefold.  It just seemed bulky.
For pocket diapers I am primarily using Bum Genius 4.0 but Evelyn sometimes gets a little red from the microsuede so I don't use them for more than a couple of hours at a time.
I just ordered a Thirstie AIO and an Imagine AIO to try.  I haven't tried any AIO's so I thought it might be worth investing in a couple.  Evelyn will probably potty train in a few months but, with another little one on the way, I am sure they will get used.
Things that did not end up working out were the Best Bottoms.  I loved the idea of them, but the double leg gusset and the sizing were just all wrong for Evelyn.  She is tall and pretty skinny but, they left really deep red marks on her thighs and she was out growing the waist band so I had to get rid of them. I also stopped using the Grovia's because I had constant leaks with them.  I am not sure why.  They were prepped completely and I loved the fit but, I just couldn't rely on them.  Every time Evelyn wore them her clothes would be soaked after one pee.  I also stopped using the planet wise wet bags.  I liked the zip part but, I really disliked the 2 layers of material.  It just was a pain so I switched to the Fuzzy Bunz hanging wet bag.  I have used it for the past year and really like it.  It does not zip but, since I do laundry every day and a half, smell has not been a problem.  I also use a medium sized Fuzzy Bunz zip wet bag and an Alva bay wet bag that zips.
I still have not bought a diaper sprayer and really have not needed it.  I use a plastic knife and a peri bottle to squirt off any extra mess.  I have always been a bit leery of the diaper sprayers because I have ready so many horror stories about them leaking and causing tons of damage to the house.  I think Mike would lose his mind if something like that happened.  He is still not completely on board with cloth diapering.  I think if he realized how much money I have saved and how much better it is for Evelyn's skin he would understand more why I do it.
All in all things have been going great.  Accept for a few months during my first trimester and I was so sick that I couldn't deal with extra diaper laundry we have been full time cloth since week 8.
I did a bit of a break down of the costs included.  I was spending nearly $100 a month on disposables so up until this point I would have spent about $2,500 on diapers.  My entire stash costs around $400 or $500, so I have saved about $2000 and will continue to save since we will be diapering our new little guy.  I do plan on buying some more boyish diapers for him when the time comes.  I went a little pink and purple crazy for Evelyn but, I can still sell what I won't use and make back at least half of the money.
Oh I also wanted to mention that I have had great luck with the detergent, Tiny Bubbles.  I have never had a stink problem, or had stains or had any type of repelling and I have never needed to strip my diapers.  I know there are lots of detergents out there but, I have loved Tiny Bubbles and would recommend it to anyone.  I also use it on baby clothes.

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