Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fajita dinner

Sometimes dinner seems to just sneak up on me. I meal plan on Sunday morning and grocery shop when Evelyn naps so I'm pretty prepared for the week. 
I still wanted to find some healthier convenient meals that I could have on hand for bus days. 
I found this fajita sauce in the international isle and the ingredients were all pretty normal. It wasn't full of sugar, corn syrup and salt. Mostly natural things so I thought I would give it a try. 

I cut up some peppers, onions and some left over asparagus that we had from dinner the night before. Stir fried it all together with a little coconut oil. I took it our of the pan and then added some sliced chicken breasts and stir fried that. I added the vegetables back into the pan and added the sauce packet. I simmered it all together for 10 mins or so while I set the table.

I served it with brown rice and some tortilla shells.  It was really good.  Other than cutting everything up it was a pretty easy dinner.  I think this will be in our regular rotation.  I might even look for an easy homemade sauce that I can put together ahead of time.  

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