Shopping and suckers

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Evelyn is getting harder and harder to keep in the cart while we shop now. She likes to walk, which usually means I'm trying to shop and chase a toddler with a cart.
Sometimes I let her walk and she stays by me, other times I just make her sit in the cart and she whines. Most recently I have found that she will sit for an abnormally long time if abc only if she gets a sucker. Other than fruit she doesn't have much sugar in her diet so a sucker every once in a while isn't so bad. And to make myself feel better I bought organic ones.
Well today I needed to get some shopping done at the mall and Evelyn refused to sit in the stroller so i let her walk and she did great staying by me. We passed a candy store however and she darted in looking for suckers. I let her pick one out and it turned her tongue blue. I let her look at herself on my phone and she thought it was so funny.
Oh and I should mention, she sat in the stroller the rest of the shopping trip.


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