Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY nursing tanks

I only pumped with Evelyn but this time around I plan on doing all I can do to have this baby latch and actually nurse.  I had a few nursing tanks but, they were always so uncomfortable.  They were tight and too short.  I don't like tanks with built in bra's and that is pretty much what a nursing tank is but with clips to pull it down.  
I do have a couple of comfy nursing bra's that I will wear this time but, I didn't like the idea of pulling up my whole shirt each time I nursed.  So, I came up with a solution to make my own nursing tanks.  I saw this idea a while back somewhere and then just tried it out and it seems like it is going to work great.  

First I bought a couple of normal tank tops from Forever 21.  I bought a size up and the longer ones.  I think they were around $2 a piece.  

Then you cut the back strap, or use a seam ripper.  I just cut it though and it worked fine.  

Then make a loop a couple of inches long on the front side of the tank top.  Then you just sew a few stitches on there to make it tight and cut off the excess.  Do that for both sides.  
Then you loop it though the clip part on a normal nursing bra.  Your finished product will look like this.  

So essentially you have a tank top connected to a nursing bra.  When it is time to feed the little one you just unclip one side and pull down the bra with the tank top.  Your belly will stayed covered and you will have the support of a regular bra.  

I like this idea because I can layer these under regular shirts and then if I am out I can pull up the regular shirt and keep everything pretty covered up while I pull down the bra and tank top.  

I bought 2 tank tops and 2 nursing bra's.  I am excited to try them out.  

37 weeks

I just realized that I am wearing the same thing in my picture for the past 2 weeks. I'm running out of clothes that fit my belly properly. As of right now I only have 3 tank tops and 1 t shirt that fits. Hopefully this little guy comes soon so I don't have to buy any new clothes.
So far I have gained about 40 pounds.  I gained 46 with Evelyn and although I tried hard to keep my weight gain to about 35 pounds, it just keeps going on.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Zoo time

37 weeks and counting. I'll post a new belly pic tomorrow. For now Evelyn and I are staying busy waiting for the little guy to arrive.
We headed to the zoo today. Evelyn loves seeing the butterflies. It's always been her favorite. She also spent a lot of time in the amphibian exhibit looking at the frogs.
We had a great time.
Oh and did I mention it was over 80 degrees today. We found a sprinkler though and Evelyn got soaked. Thankfully I always carry an extra set of clothes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's for dinner this week

I was able to fit in grocery shopping today and hopefully I don't have to go back to the store.
Mike is still cutting back in his carbs and although it is a little more work for me to plan, I really enjoy eating lighter.
I'm going to keep things really simple this week.
Monday- marinated grilled chicken with salad ( making a double batch of chicken)
Tuesday- left over chicken with beans and zucchini pizzas
Wednesday- turkey tacos with black beans. Roasted squash and broccoli
Thursday- breakfast, sausage, eggs with cheese and toast
Friday-grilling either brats or hamburgers. Cesar salad

Friday, June 21, 2013

36 weeks

36 weeks today.  I think I have everything ready to go for the little guy.  Bags are just about packed.  His room is all cleaned and clothes are washed and hung up.  I just need to re arrange our bedroom so I can put the rocker in there for night feedings.
With Evelyn I would just walk into her room during the night and change her diaper and feed her.  In our new house the little guys bedroom is all the way down the hall so I am going to plan on doing those things in our room for the first month or so.

I am excited and ready for him to be here but, I have a month to go so I am just trying to relax and enjoy our time as a family of 3.  I know a lot is going to change with having 2 little ones.  I worry that I am going to not have enough time for the both of them.  I am sure though that with time we will fall into a routine and everything will work out.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy fathers day to my sweet husband

Yesterday was a bright sunny day and we spent fathers day having family over for a BBQ. Mike always golfs on fathers day so he got up early and golfed until the afternoon.
Afterwords we grilled steaks and salmon and watched golf.
I am so thankful for Mike. He is a great dad and a great husband.  Always willing to help and he works so hard to support our family.  I feel very blessed to be married to such a great guy.
Happy fathers day Muffin :).

Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Gear

I am finishing up the last minute essentials that the new little guy will need.  

Some things that I used a lot with Evelyn were.

Boppy Cushion

Dr Brown Bottles

Fisher Price Jumperoo
Activity Mat, I think I just bought a random one at Target, not sure what brand.
Baby Einstein Activity center, I bought one at Buy Buy Baby
Glider for the baby's room, from Baby's R Us
Stroller, both the Baby Jogger, City Mini and the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
And we used the Bassinet that we received as a gift from my co workers.  I believe they bought it at Baby's R Us

We didn't really use
Fisher price little Lamb Swing
Pack n Play
Bumbo Seat

but, you never know what a different baby will like so I have kept everything.  

Some new things that I have bought include, a double stroller.  I decided on the Britax B Ready.  I just bought it this past weekend and took it out for a stroll today.  So far it seems great.  It is a little heavier and a seems a little bit harder to fold and unfold but, maybe I just need more time to get the hang of it.  I love that it can be a single or double stroller.  Britax was running a special this month too.  If you bought the stroller they included either the car seat, the bassinet or the second seat.  Buy Buy baby also allows coupons to be used so I paid $400 for a $779 stroller.  Great deal, I thought.  It is running the whole month of June, while supplies last so now is the time to get it.  

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks pregnant today.  Only 6 more to go, well 3 more to full term.  The baby's room is coming along.  I will take some pictures and post later.  I have almost all of his clothes washed and I picked out his going home outfits.  I am going to pack 2, 3 month outfits and 2, newborn outfits because I am not sure which one he will fit into and I am undecided as to which he should wear.  
I am up 40 pounds!  I feel so big and am pretty sore most days.  I have been walking a lot during the day.  Evelyn and I took a 3 mile walk today to the park and back.  I am trying to stay active and hopefully that will help with a fast and somewhat easy labor.  

Garage sale and Papa's house

Last week we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to help out with the annual garage sale.  Evelyn as always had a great time.  She loves going to "papa's" house.  She ate corn for the first time, picked strawberry's with Grandma and had tons of fun playing in the trees.
I made $60 at the garage sale but, I went to the outlets and spend $200 so, I guess it was a wash :)

Day at the park

We went to story time in the park but I didn't get the date correct so, there wasn't actually any story.  There were a ton of little ones though and of course the fountain was on.  Evelyn had a great time putting her feet in and throwing in pennies.