Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY nursing tanks

I only pumped with Evelyn but this time around I plan on doing all I can do to have this baby latch and actually nurse.  I had a few nursing tanks but, they were always so uncomfortable.  They were tight and too short.  I don't like tanks with built in bra's and that is pretty much what a nursing tank is but with clips to pull it down.  
I do have a couple of comfy nursing bra's that I will wear this time but, I didn't like the idea of pulling up my whole shirt each time I nursed.  So, I came up with a solution to make my own nursing tanks.  I saw this idea a while back somewhere and then just tried it out and it seems like it is going to work great.  

First I bought a couple of normal tank tops from Forever 21.  I bought a size up and the longer ones.  I think they were around $2 a piece.  

Then you cut the back strap, or use a seam ripper.  I just cut it though and it worked fine.  

Then make a loop a couple of inches long on the front side of the tank top.  Then you just sew a few stitches on there to make it tight and cut off the excess.  Do that for both sides.  
Then you loop it though the clip part on a normal nursing bra.  Your finished product will look like this.  

So essentially you have a tank top connected to a nursing bra.  When it is time to feed the little one you just unclip one side and pull down the bra with the tank top.  Your belly will stayed covered and you will have the support of a regular bra.  

I like this idea because I can layer these under regular shirts and then if I am out I can pull up the regular shirt and keep everything pretty covered up while I pull down the bra and tank top.  

I bought 2 tank tops and 2 nursing bra's.  I am excited to try them out.  

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