Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sleep at last

It is pretty rare that my 2.5 year old will take a nap.  It is days like these that I enjoy the most.  
Both little ones are comfy cozy sleeping and I get to enjoy a nice quiet couple of hours.  

Boba baby wrap review

I didn't use a baby wrap with Evelyn but, I did use a simple Infantino baby carrier when she was about 6 months old.  I mainly used it when I went grocery shopping because it is hard to put the car seat in the cart and still have room for groceries.
I knew that this time around I would need some sort of wrap that I could use right away with Jack so that I could be hands free to still play with Evelyn.  After lots of research I decided to get the Boba Baby wrap and a Mia ring sling.
I have yet to master the ring sling but, have used the wrap a few times.  So far it is great.  It is a lot of material to wrap so, I wrap it before I leave the house and then put Jack in it when I get to my destination.  He seems to be really comfortable in it.  He sleeps the entire time.
I am still working on getting it adjusted correctly but, it is pretty fool proof.  He is still so little so he is in the infant position with his legs froggied and his head held up by part of the material.  I also am comfortable wearing it.  It distributes the weight through out by entire back.  He is only 8 pounds at this point but, I think it will still be comfortable as he gets older.
I am going to try the Mia out in a few more weeks so I will let you know how that one goes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Postpartum 1 week

I didn't wear any type of postpartum support with Evelyn and it seemed to take a while for my belly to go back to a normal size. This time I knew I wanted to start early so I ended up buying 4 different types of support wraps. 2 I bought from eBay. They were pretty inexpensive. I also bought the medela support band and an inexpensive waist clincher from target. 
I'd say in the past week of wearing them they are really helping. My belly feels more secure and they are helping me get back to a normal size. 

This picture is 1 week postpartum without a belly support. 
This picture is with the support band. 

My next step is to invest in asqueem waist  clincher. I'm planning on going next weekend to a bridal shop to be fitted. I've read that these are the best so I'm excited to get one. 

Welcome baby Jack!

Our new little man, Jack Michael made his arrival last Tuesday at 12:14. Weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz and 21.25 inches long. 
It was a pretty fast labor and I'm healing well. We are all getting adjusted to having him home. Big sister Evelyn is doing great. She loves her new baby brother. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I have given up, clothing wise that is.

I am usually pretty into fashion and style.  I really enjoy shopping (wonder where Evelyn gets it :) ) and love trying on and picking out new clothes.  But, this pregnancy has just done me in.  I only have a few things that cover over my huge belly and nothing is comfortable.  I honestly wear tank tops, a pair of cotton shorts or a cotton skirt every.!
I am tired of this pregnancy wardrobe and am so ready to be back into my own normal clothes.  We moved a few months ago and I have a beautiful new walk on closet just full of great things.  I haven't even been in it in weeks because the few maternity things that fit just sit in a basket in my room and I pull from there.
I know it is going to take some time but I am excited about getting to wear cute shirts and shorts with actual buttons.

Art fair

Plymouth Art fair is this weekend.  We have gone every year since we moved to the area.  It is a fun time.  They have lots of things for the little ones and tons of unique things to buy.  

Evelyn had a great time and of course she picked out her own outfit.  We ended up buying a tutu with a matching headband and bow.  She wanted to put it on right away.  Such a girly girl.  

We spent all day looking around and shopping for treasures.  It was a great time!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

39 weeks

Just a week to go until my due date. I'm feeling pretty excited about our new little guy arriving. I have to say even though I've been through labor once before, I'm still pretty nervous about it.
I've been having contractions that are time able and uncomfortable but nothing that makes me think I should head to the hospital yet.
Soon I'm sure.
This weekend is the Plymouth art fair tabs it's one of my favorite weekends so I'm ok if little guy decides to hold out on appearing until next week.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cloth diapering newborn addition

I have been cloth diapering for over 2 years now with Evelyn.  I started when she was 2 months old so she fit into her one size diapers then.  I was going to wait to start with this little guy until he was about that old too but, I changed my mind and have decided to start a week or so after we get home.  I have 2 packs of newborn disposables so I am thinking after I run out of those I will put him in cloth.
I bought a set of newborn diapers and oh they are so little and cute.  I tried to be responsible and not go crazy on cute prints and extra's because I know he won't be in these for too long.

I decided to go with pre folds and covers with a couple of fitted diapers.  I choose 3 different types of pre folds.  GMD yellow, Osocozy size 1, and osocozy perfect fit purple edge.
For covers I choose 3 Thirstie Duo's size 1, 2 rumperooz newborn size and 1 Bummi's newborn size.
For the fitteds I choose, a kissaluvs, a thirstie and a sandy's.  These are a little big so they probably won't fit for a while but, I used a few fitteds with Evelyn at night time so I think these will come in handy later.

I am not sure how on board my family still is about cloth diapering.  Mike still doesn't like it and I keep disposables in the house for him and for other people if they don't want to use cloth.  I have really enjoyed it and I see how much better it is for Evelyn's skin and for the environment.  We seem to go through so much trash as it is and I recycle everything I can.  I can't imagine how much more trash we would have with at least 10-12 disposable diapers a day plus adding in a newborn who will go through more than that.

I have 6 covers, and about 30 pre folds.  I also bought another wet bag.  I already had snappi's and I already had 1 of the covers and 2 of the fitted diapers.  So, all in all I probably spend a little over $100 for everything.  I bought almost everything on sale and shopped around.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

38 weeks

Only 14 days to go until it's my due date.  I have really started to feel big the last couple of days.  I also find myself being really emotional.  I think it is just getting harder to do everything since I have gained 45 pounds.  I really can not believe I have gained that much but, I am hoping it comes off fast after the baby is here.  

Everything is pretty much done so now it is just a waiting game.  I have been having contractions on and off for the past week but, nothing too significant.  

Hopefully this little guy decides to come soon.  We are all so excited to meet him.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Packing hospital bags

Since I only have a couple weeks to go, I have finally finished packing my hospital bags.  I really debated over what to bring and also what I would wear after I came home.  I am so big right now and I know that I will come home being big as well.  I remember with Evelyn having the expectation that I would leave the hospital fitting into my size small vs pink sweat pants.  Well, I guess I did fit but um, they were tight to say the least.  This time I am being more realistic.  

I brought Evelyn home in February so, it was still cold and I wore mainly vs pink sweat pants and tshirts and long sleeve t's for a couple of months.  This time it will be hot and I plan on really giving nursing a go so I needed to find clothing that would work.  I placed an order from Forever 21 and just received everything this weekend.  

I decided to get some loose tank tops and some cotton capri pants for after the baby is born.  I bought a size up, Medium, so hopefully they fit and I feel dressed but still comfortable during the day.  For the hospital I am bringing 2 night shirts that button up.  I just got these at Target.  I bought these in a size small.  They actually fit over my belly now so, they should work after the baby is born.  I have other things packed like, nursing bra's, my new diy nursing tank and comfortable bottoms.  

I am also bringing with me my belly band and also a postpartum support band.  I don't think the support band will fit but, I figured it was small so I could throw it in.  

For the little guy, I am packing 2 newborn outfits and 2, 3 month outfits.  He should fit into the newborn ones but, just in case I will bring the 3 month outfits.  

I will also bring all my toiletries and Mike will be responsible for the phone chargers and all of the technology 

I am going to be cloth diapering when I get home but, I don't plan on doing that in the hospital.  Once all of the diapers arrive and I have them washed and ready to go, I will take some pictures and explain how I plan to cloth diaper a newborn.  

Well, I think that is all for now.  I hope I am not forgetting anything but, if I am Mike can always come home and something for me.  Hopefully I am only in the hospital for a day or 2.  I was only there for 24 hours with Evelyn so if all goes well with this second delivery I should be able to go home quickly again.