Saturday, July 13, 2013

I have given up, clothing wise that is.

I am usually pretty into fashion and style.  I really enjoy shopping (wonder where Evelyn gets it :) ) and love trying on and picking out new clothes.  But, this pregnancy has just done me in.  I only have a few things that cover over my huge belly and nothing is comfortable.  I honestly wear tank tops, a pair of cotton shorts or a cotton skirt every.!
I am tired of this pregnancy wardrobe and am so ready to be back into my own normal clothes.  We moved a few months ago and I have a beautiful new walk on closet just full of great things.  I haven't even been in it in weeks because the few maternity things that fit just sit in a basket in my room and I pull from there.
I know it is going to take some time but I am excited about getting to wear cute shirts and shorts with actual buttons.

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