Monday, July 1, 2013

Packing hospital bags

Since I only have a couple weeks to go, I have finally finished packing my hospital bags.  I really debated over what to bring and also what I would wear after I came home.  I am so big right now and I know that I will come home being big as well.  I remember with Evelyn having the expectation that I would leave the hospital fitting into my size small vs pink sweat pants.  Well, I guess I did fit but um, they were tight to say the least.  This time I am being more realistic.  

I brought Evelyn home in February so, it was still cold and I wore mainly vs pink sweat pants and tshirts and long sleeve t's for a couple of months.  This time it will be hot and I plan on really giving nursing a go so I needed to find clothing that would work.  I placed an order from Forever 21 and just received everything this weekend.  

I decided to get some loose tank tops and some cotton capri pants for after the baby is born.  I bought a size up, Medium, so hopefully they fit and I feel dressed but still comfortable during the day.  For the hospital I am bringing 2 night shirts that button up.  I just got these at Target.  I bought these in a size small.  They actually fit over my belly now so, they should work after the baby is born.  I have other things packed like, nursing bra's, my new diy nursing tank and comfortable bottoms.  

I am also bringing with me my belly band and also a postpartum support band.  I don't think the support band will fit but, I figured it was small so I could throw it in.  

For the little guy, I am packing 2 newborn outfits and 2, 3 month outfits.  He should fit into the newborn ones but, just in case I will bring the 3 month outfits.  

I will also bring all my toiletries and Mike will be responsible for the phone chargers and all of the technology 

I am going to be cloth diapering when I get home but, I don't plan on doing that in the hospital.  Once all of the diapers arrive and I have them washed and ready to go, I will take some pictures and explain how I plan to cloth diaper a newborn.  

Well, I think that is all for now.  I hope I am not forgetting anything but, if I am Mike can always come home and something for me.  Hopefully I am only in the hospital for a day or 2.  I was only there for 24 hours with Evelyn so if all goes well with this second delivery I should be able to go home quickly again.  

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