Thursday, July 25, 2013

Postpartum 1 week

I didn't wear any type of postpartum support with Evelyn and it seemed to take a while for my belly to go back to a normal size. This time I knew I wanted to start early so I ended up buying 4 different types of support wraps. 2 I bought from eBay. They were pretty inexpensive. I also bought the medela support band and an inexpensive waist clincher from target. 
I'd say in the past week of wearing them they are really helping. My belly feels more secure and they are helping me get back to a normal size. 

This picture is 1 week postpartum without a belly support. 
This picture is with the support band. 

My next step is to invest in asqueem waist  clincher. I'm planning on going next weekend to a bridal shop to be fitted. I've read that these are the best so I'm excited to get one. 

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