Friday, August 23, 2013

Southwest salad

Ah... Left overs. What to do with them.  I'll be honest and admit that we don't usually eat them. The idea of reheating something sounds easy but it's not usually appetizing.  
Well last night I made way too much ground turkey for tacos and felt guilty throwing it all away so I wanted to come up with away to use the meat but I didn't want tacos again. 
Since I love all things mcdinalds and eat there southwest salad at least once a week, this was my inspiration. 
I chopped up some romaine, tomatoes and grated some cheddar and pepper jack cheese. 
I reheated the meat and added a can of black beans. Then I warmed up some frozen corn. 
I pilled it all on a plate and made it look pretty. Then I put some sour cream and taco sauce over the whole salad. Then to make it extra special, I cut strips of corn tortillas, fried them and put them on top. 

Mike loved it. So much so that he suggested I take a picture for my blog. Yum yum. It was great!

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