Saturday, August 3, 2013

Squeem partial review

I went yesterday to a bridal shop to get fitted for a Squeem.  From the reviews I had read online they seemed to be the best at bringing your stomach muscles back together the quickest and helping flatten your tummy area postpartum.
From the measurements online, I thought I would need a small but, when I went to the shop the lady said I needed a medium.  Against my better judgement, I listened to her and spent the $60 for a medium nude colored, Squeem waist cincher.
I was so excited to get it on when I got home.  It said it is supposed to take off 4 inches around the waist.  Well, the medium was tight but, I could easily get it on.  It is actually a little loose around my rib area.  I think this size will be fine, but I am sure in a few weeks I will need a small.  When I feel like this one isn't working as well anymore I will re asses my want to get a small one.
So for my initial thoughts.  I think it feels good having it on.  My mid section does look pulled in and my posture is much better with it on.
I have also read that wearing it while working out will make you sweat and loose inches quicker too.  I am not sure how comfortable this will be while working out so I am not sure if I will try it.  I am still a few weeks from actually doing a real work out.
I plan on wearing it for a few weeks and then I will update with how well it is working.

This is a picture with the Squeem on:

And this is my natural belly:

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