Friday, September 27, 2013

Doctors appointment update and Evelyn is an artist

The littles had their doctors appointments this week.  Both are growing well and I feel relieved hearing that.  Eating is a daily battle for Evelyn.  I am always trying to find new things for her to try because she is just not a big eater.  Thankfully she loves milk so I know she is getting something.
So, Evelyn was at the 93% for height, 71% for weight and Jack is getting big as well.  He was at the 91% for height and 73% for weight.  We also did a survey to see where Evelyn rates for milestones for her age.  She passed everything but it did make me aware of somethings we can work on.  She has never really liked toys.  She just doesn't sit down and play with things like that but, what she does love is art.  She will paint and color everyday for hours.  She loves it.
We have had a lot of fun with different art projects.  I hope her creativity continues.  I love watching her discover new things.
This week we are going to make ornaments with pipe cleaners and buttons.  I think that will help with her hand, eye coordination.  I am also going to draw numbers and have her use bingo stampers to trace them.  She can count to 10 so we are working on what the numbers look like now.

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