Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Healthy frozen dessert

I love dessert and since Jack has come along I have been trying to get a handle on these sweet cravings. I am not sure if they are cravings as much as I was just to used to being able to eat whatever because, hey I was pregnant, I was supposed to gain weight.
This recipe is easy and much healthier than a traditional ice cream sandwich.
All you do is take a half of container of cool whip and mix in a yogurt.  I used greek yogurt because it is what we eat at our house.
Then you cut up some fruit and mix it in.  I used strawberries.  I cut them small and used about 6 of them.
Then you layer it between gram crackers and put them in the freezer.  They don't take too long to set up.
Everyone loved them.  I think next time I will use chocolate gram crackers and maybe add some bananas.

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