Friday, October 18, 2013

My age has caught up to me

While celebrating my moms birthday, we started talking about if you feel older each year mentally.  I have to say that I really don't.  When I am out with both of the kids I actually think that other people probably look at me and think I am there babysitter because, I just don't feel old enough to have 2 children.
Well, obviously I am and about a month ago if finally caught up to me.  
With little ones at home I have a hard time shopping so, I buy a lot online.  Last time I ordered a few things from Forever 21 they didn't end up working out.  I thought I would stop by the store and do a quick exchange.  
When I got to the mall both kids were calm and sitting in the stroller, which by the way rarely happens. It was the perfect opportunity to go to Forever 21 and actually look around.  
When I walked in I immediately realized that the store is not set up for double strollers.  I had to maneuver around the racks and hope I wouldn't knock anything down.  I grabbed a few things and headed to the dressing room.  As I was standing in line the sales girl looked right past me and asked the girl behind me if she needed a room.  My first thought was, well that was rude.  Then it hit me.
She thought I was one of the other moms standing out of the dressing room waiting for my teenage daughter to come out and show me what she had tried on.  
I didn't even know what to say.  I was kind of embarrassed and kind of insulted.  Either way, I felt like I needed to get out of there.  I brought all my stuff to the register, paid, walked out of the store and vowed to shop online for now on.
Then I got to thinking, I am not that old.  I mean I know the store is called Forever 21 but that doesn't mean that I have to be 21 to shop there, right?  Maybe it's a thought process of always feeling 21.  I still fit in the clothes and if you take your time you can find some really great pieces.  Yes, some of the clothes are super trendy and well, really I shouldn't wear them but, I have found some great staples for my wardrobe.
Back to the point though, I really still feel very young and I hope that my mindset is always like that.  Obviously I know I am getting older and I know that I have aged but, I feel young and am enjoying life each day.
No I am not 21 and maybe I don't actually look 21 but, it is all in how you feel and I really feel great!
Here's to always feeling 21 and not letting a number decide it for you.  

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