Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time, oh you go so fast

Today was one of those days that I look at Evelyn and Jack and realize how fast they are growing. I just want to do so much with them. I want to play with them and teach them new things. I want to watch them experience the world and I want to guide them through all of that. 
In my free time I look online for activities that we can do together. Evelyn loves crafts so I try to do something like that with her everyday.  Lately she has been loving puzzles so we do those. Jack is loving toys and of course putting everything in his mouth. 
Our days are non stop.  We are moving and busy all day. 
Between chores and errands and taking care of both kids, no one gets much of a break. Mike gets home from work and jumps right into the grove. It's dinner, clean up, a bit of play and then bedtime starts. It's go go go.
At night when everyone is asleep I think about how the day went and I always feel like I should have done more with both of the kids. I always wish I would have held Jack more.  With Evelyn I always feel like I should have taught her more.  She is a little sponge and is just craving information. It really just makes me sad to see how fast time is moving. Then I feel happy to be able to spend this precious time with them. 
 I should say something like carpe diem, but instead I'll just say, enjoy the days and enjoy the cuddles because time is going to go faster than you think. When I feel so tired because Jack was up 3 times and Evelyn wanted me to sleep in her bed. I think about the time when they aren't going to need me like that. I can always sleep later. 

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