Monday, January 6, 2014

My stay at home mom uniform

I know I am a stay at home mom but we are out and about everyday so, I try to keep my outfits easy and of course kid friendly. Since I am still nursing, my tops have to have easy access. I wear infinity scarves and use them as nursing cover ups. 
My sister in law is the best and she has made me quite a few of them. They really work great and are very easy to coordinate with tanks and cardigan. 
I pretty much live in skinny jeans and since it is so cold here I wear my Uggs everyday. I know most people don't think they are fashionable but I love them and will keep wearing them. I also have 4 pairs so I can always change the up depending on my outfits. 
I was planning on buying a new pair of Melissa Frye boots this year.  Mike even gave me the money for a "bonus" but, I knew that I would probably just end up wearing my good ol Uggs.  So I didn't pull the trigger on them. 
Anyways, here's an example of my go to daily outfit. 

Stay at home mom uniform

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