Saturday, February 22, 2014

DIY painted heart leggings

I've seen so many really cute leggings with different designs on them that I wanted to create a pair for Evelyn. I used fabric paint and a pair of plain white leggings I bought from old navy. It was really easy and they turned out really cute.

First I cut a piece of foam to make a heart. I taped it to the bottom of a cup to make like a stamp. 
Then I covered it with fabric paint. I used purple since it's her favorite color and I already have tons of purple shirts to match them with

Then I stamped them on the knees of both legs. I used a paint brush to fill in any big gaps. Then I layed them to dry overnight. 

Here they are on. This was right after swim class and Evelyn was excited to show them off. She picked out the skirt to wear with them. 

Cute, cute and easy. 

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