Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kids clothing haul

Evelyn was in need of some new clothes so I did a little shopping. A few of these outfits she got for her birthday too. I think she is set on clothes for a while but I have a hard time passing up super cute outfits. 
Jack got a few new things too. Oh and a few of the pics are sideways. I'll have to get on the actual computer to edit them later.  

Dresses from target.  Cute and perfect for summer or now with a cardigan and tights.  

A Ralph Lauren polo dress I picked up at the outlets. I love these. 

Jean skirt and matching too and tights from Gymboree. 

Cute black with a glitter toe ballet flat from old navy. And I couldn't pass up these glitter pumas. They are a little big but she will grow into them within a month I think. 

These are all from the gap. 3 dresses with a matching headband, tights and a cardigan. I am excited to see her in these dresses. 

Basics from target. Purple pants with a matching long sleeve t. Also, a pair of jeggings. These were on sale and since she already has 2 pairs I sized up on these for the fall. 

A few more long sleeve shirts from target and also a super cute chambray shirt. I am going to have her wear that with leggings. I might even put my matching outfit on and take a picture. Ha. 

And finally for Jack. A cute outfit from target. Matching pants, shirt and pullover. 

Also a few basic onesies from Carter's. I size up on these because he is a little long and I need a bit of extra lengthto fit over his nighttime cloth diaper. 

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