Monday, February 24, 2014

Meal planning Monday

I love that I grocery shop on Sundays now. It's so much easier than trying to fit it in during the week. I usually take Evelyn so we have a little bit of girl time. She also loves going to the store. We always get ice cream or a donut while we shop. 
So this week we are having. 

Left over pork tenderloin tonight that we cooked yesterday. I'm going to make a different sauce to go with it and I'll make a salad. Oh Kraft had a big sale yesterday so I bought 8 new dressings. I try to make homemade dressings but it is nice to have bottled ones on hand. 
Chicken tacos with roasted tomato sauce
Sticky meatballs with garlic bread and Cesar salad
Santa Fe salad 
Freezer chicken chilli with cornbread 

I'm also going to make the Pioneer woman's breakfast bars this week for snacks. 

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