Friday, February 21, 2014

Not super mommy today

I'm usually a go go mommy. We are up early and we play all day.  I fit in lots of cleaning in between painting, playdoh and toys. Our house is usually pretty clean and organized even though we are constantly doing projects and messing it up. 
Today though, today I am not feeling like my normal super mommy self. 
I have two little kids with colds today. The last few days have been rough but last night was the worst.
Jack was up almost the entire night. He just couldn't get comfortable. I nursed until the milk was completely gone. I'm sore and tired today and things still need to get done. 
I'm not feeling like super mom today. Hopefully everyone takes a good nap and I can get a rest in. 
I just finished mopping, folding laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I may even ask Mike to pick up dinner so we don't have to dirty it all again. 
Here's to a restful day. Hopefully. 

Snuggles for baby brother. 

Lots of down time while reading books. 

Oh that poor little nose of his. 

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