Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boba Air Product Review

Both of my children love to be carried.  Evelyn is 3 and still asks to be carried all the time.  Jack still needs to be carried and loves being held and cuddled.  Since I still need to get things done around the house, I baby wear.  I have a bunch of different carriers and use them all for different reasons.  

A few weeks ago I purchased a Boba Air.  I was in search of an easy to put on soft structured carrier that I would be able to use with both Evelyn and Jack.  I also wanted something easy to travel with.  Most carriers are bulky and big because they have a lot of padding and they don't fold up well.  

The Boba Air has turned out to be a perfect fit.  I love how easy it is to put on.  It is ergonomically correct too so I know both kids are not getting any extra hip stress while in it.  Most carriers, like the Baby Bjorn, allow kids legs to just dangle.  After time that can become really bad for their hips.  Carriers like that also allow children to face out, which seem like a good option but really it can be bad for their back since it is tilted at an odd angle while leaning up against your body.  The Boba Air is able to do the back carry so if Jack is frustrated and wants to look forward I can just wear him on my back and again it is easy to get him into this position by myself.  

The material on the Boba Air is really light weight so unlike most of my wrap style carriers this allows air to circulate and I don't get as hot wearing it.  It is going to be perfect for the summer months.  

It has a nice broad waist band that sits right above my hips so it is secure and doesn't slip down.  No re adjusting while either of the kids are in it.  It also folds up super compact which is great for just putting it in the diaper bag and having it available all the time.  

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