Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I didn't get a chance to tell you about our Easter. Well it was a great day. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. We do lots of eating and lots of socializing with family. 

This year we hosted so it was nice to have everyone over. I decorated the house with lots of plastic eggs and had an Easter garland on the stair case. 

Evelyn had a great time with her basket. The Easter bunny brought her bubbles, a slinky, goldfish, a stuffed bunny, hello kitty tatoos, twizzler flavored lip gloss, side walk tatoos to color, a new ball and of course a chocolate bunny. Jack got two new balls, bubbles, puffs, a slinky, a lamb rattle, and a chocolate bunny. 

They found eggs in the morning too. 

Both the kids had on cute Easter outfits but I'm not sure I got any pictures of them. I'll have to check Mikes phone. 

Below are a few pictures. 

Baskets ready to go. 

Coloring eggs. 

Traditional egg with horseradish, bread with blessed butter and a wine sip when you walk in the door. 


Perogies, ham, sausage, 3 different breakfast pies, lobster Mac n cheese, cheesy potatoes, BLT sandwiches and lots of dessert. 

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