Sunday, April 20, 2014

First baseball game

We took the kids to their first Tigers baseball game today. 
We sat in the Champions Club Suite.  I was suprised at how much Evelyn actually watched the game. She was clapping and when the players left the field between innings she would ask if it was over. We didn't stay the whole game and when we were walking to the car she asked to go back. 
We let her pick out a souvenir and she decided on the mini bat. Pink of course. She calls it her batting club. Pretty sure she's having trouble keeping all of her sports in order since she watches so many with Mike. 
Jack enjoyed being held for the first 20 minutes and then made it his mission to attempt get on the floor to crawl. Thankfully I brought a big snack bag of puffs and he was distracted by eating those.  
It was a great day. 

On our way to the game 

Watching the game with dad

Best thing about sitting in the suite is all you can eat mini marshmallows. 

Who's your Tiger?

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