Thursday, May 15, 2014

I made it

I did it. 6 full days and 6 nights Mike was on vacation and I had the kids all by myself.  I can't believe I made it without losing my sanity.  He was home yesterday for the first full day and it was great.
He travels a bit for work but, it is usually just for 3 or so days at a time.  This trip he took was a vacation, a father son trip to Key West.
I am happy he was able to go and I am very happy he is home now.
The kids were great and we stayed busy doing activities and getting out of the house each day.  Thankfully the weather seems to be finally getting better.  With the exception of 2 rainy afternoons it was sunny and warm every day.  Oh and I should also mention I cooked every day and we avoided fast food.  Which is usually my go to a couple of meals while Mike is out of town.
Well, back to normal life and my husband being home to share it with us.

Throw back Thursday Picture:

Mike and I on our honeymoon in Hawaii

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