Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weekend Plans

I love long weekends.  Evelyn has swim this morning.  She has been really loving these classes.  I am hopeful that she has learned a lot and taking her to the pool this year will be easier.  She has learned a lot of safe entry techniques and it has helped her realize that the water can be dangerous.
After swim we are heading home for some lunch and much needed nap and rest time for the kids.  Then...I am going out.  I know it is crazy but I am having a girls day out and we are going to the Tigers baseball game.  I am so so excited.  I haven't been to a game with just the girls in years.  Mike was so great and got us tickets 4 rows behind home plate.  So, tune into the 4:00 game and you will see us all on TV.  I plan to enjoy lots of sun and lots of beer and of course lots of girl talk.
Sunday Mike is either going to go golfing or maybe head to the game with some of his friends and Monday we will spend the day relaxing.  Probably do some BBQ'ing and playing in the yard with the kids.
Our community pool opens this weekend too.  I might take the kids down for the BBQ and let them play at the playground.

3 fun filled days are ahead of us.  What are your plans?

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