Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little behind and prepping ahead

I am a bit behind with my weekly blogging.  I had surgery this morning and I had a list of to do's that took me the last few days to finish up.
I had surgery for an umbilical cord hernia that I developed from being pregnant with Jack.  It was an outpatient procedure but I have been nervous about it for weeks.  I have never had surgery and I was scared of everything that came with it.
Everything went well and I am home now.  I feel really sore but over all pretty good.  I am hoping that the healing is quick and I am back to my normal self soon.
I have milk stored up for Jack but, only enough for a couple of days.  So far he has taken the bottle fine today but I haven't seen him.  I know when he sees me he will want to nurse.  I feel sad but I know it is better for him.
To prepare for being up in bed for the next couple of days I did a lot of pre planning.  I finished all the laundry and put everything away.  I also picked up some art supplies and made some work sheets for Evelyn to do.  I cleaned the basement toys and swapped everything out for Jack to play with.
For meals I grilled enough chicken for 2 dinners.  We can just heat it and eat it as is or make chicken sandwiches or have chicken wraps with whole wheat tortilla's.  I also roasted a bunch of carrots and red skin potatoes that can be easily heated up.
I know most people would have pre made a couple of casseroles but my family doesn't like casseroles.  I love them.  They remind me of comfort food we used to eat growing up.  After Jack was born my mom's group brought meals over for a couple of weeks.  I filled up on yummy tator tot casserole which is one of my favorites.
I also prepared side dishes for the kids to have with each of their meals.  I usually start them both with a vegetable to nibble on while I finish cooking.  For the next couple of days they are having peas, broccoli, carrots, edename and Parmesan cous cous.
So, while I am laying low in bed resting and trying not to move because everything hurts I am looking for new recipes to try next week.

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