Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preview of Decorations

I am still feeling pretty terrible from yesterday so I am in bed again.  It hurts to move too much so I am laying down making some more decorations for Jack's birthday party.  Everything is coming together and I am getting excited to see how all of the final products come out.  
Here is a preview of a few things I am working on.  
I love party planning!

Tassels to make a banner by the fireplace.  These are light blue and I am also going to make some green and possibly a few white.  

Mustache stickers.  I am putting these on all of the solo cups for the drinks.

Flags to go around Jack's high chair.

I am putting this on the top of his personal cake.  

Different prints and colors for a tie banner.  I am thinking about putting pictures of Jack in between the ties.  

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