Friday, June 6, 2014

Vacation re cap

Well, we are back from our week long vacation in Myrtle Beach.  Mike was not able to go so I took the kids and met my mother in law at their condo.  Traveling there is easy, well as easy as flying with a 3 year old and 10 month old can be.  It is easier because I don't have to bring as much.  We bought car seats to keep there and a pack n play with a mattress for Jack.
We really had a nice time.  Jack was pretty uncomfortable the whole trip due to his allergies.  He really didn't like the beach either.  The sand was blowing and he was crying and trying to suck his thumb which was all sandy.  I only took him that one time and Evelyn ended up going with my mother in law a couple times by them selves.  She loves the beach.  They looked for sea shells for hours.
We did take full advantage of the nice weather and the pool every day though.  Both kids loved swimming.  Evelyn's swim lessons have really paid off.  She is swimming great and enjoying the water so much.  It is amazing to see her doing it all by herself.  I am really looking forward to this summer and swimming in our pool at home.
I am also happy to report that I have a little bit of a tan.  Jack is going through a clingy spell so he cries whenever I leave the room and since he hasn't been feeling great I didn't feel comfortable leaving him much.  I ended up laying out on the back porch when he would nap.
We also had an opportunity to visit my cousins who live there.  We spent the morning catching up and letting the kids play.  Evelyn had so much fun.  She even tried zip lining.  I had to drag her home because Jack needed a nap.  She could have stayed there all day playing.
It was a nice trip but it is nice to be home too.  Leaving nana is always hard for Evelyn especially.  She cried until we boarded the plane.  Not just a little whimper either.  A full on bawling cry.  I ended up taking her to the gift shop and letting her pick out whatever she wanted.  She decided on 3 bags of fruit snacks so, $13 later she was in better spirits.
Well, back to the daily grind for us.  We are heading out to the park for a play date now.

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