Friday, July 25, 2014

Jack's little man mustache birthday party

What a day it was! So much planning went into Jack's birthday and so much prep work but it was all worth it.
The menu for food was pizza's on the grill.  Each pizza was named after Jack.  
Everyone loved them.  For drinks we had a margarita machine and beer for the adults.  The kids had a frozen coke machine, juice, pop and water.  Thanks to Uncle Will and cousin Evan for holding down the grill and taking charge of the food.  
For dessert we had cake and a sundae bar.  The kids especially loved it.  For topping choices we had chocolate syrup, mini marshmallows, oreo's, nutter butter cookies, nuts, cherrie's and whip cream.  Evelyn helped pick the ice cream and she choose super man, vanilla and chocolate cherry.  
Kids activities included water balloons, slip n slide (a bit too cold for it though) hula hoops, sidewalk chalk drawing, and a mustache pinata. They also played on the play scape in the back yard and ran around with squirt guns. 
For decorations I made a timeline banner that had little ties on it and pictures of Jack growing up this past year.  Another banner by the pizza station that was flags and said Jackapalloza. I also had tassels by the fireplace inside and blue and mustache balloons throughout the yard and inside the house.  I made mustache cups for all the drinks.  Jack's highchair was decorated with flags and a 1 with a mustache.  I also made his outfits.  I used onsies and made tie's and suspenders for them. And I bought him new mustache shoes oh and I found mustache diapers from the honest diaper company. They were so cute. 
Thanks also to my sister in law, Dana, for taking all of the pictures!

Jack's mustache cake

Take home favors for the kids, chalk, bubbles and a squirt gun with mustache tags

the girls helping with the balloons

Mike and Jack showing off their blue teeth from the frosting

Timeline banner with pictures of Jack

Tassels, and the baseball game on tv (by the way, tassels should be at every party! I love them)

 Jack and mama                                                                   Evelyn helping sing happy birthday
Uncle Will and cousin Evan in action mode making pizza's

 Cutie little man birthday outfit                                                                  More blue frosting
Funny picture of mama and dada
Mama and the Birthday Boy Jack eating more cake

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