Monday, August 18, 2014

Favorite Snacks and Meal Planning Monday

This week is the first week that we start school activities.  I am feeling sad and excited.  I know Evelyn is going to love it and even though it is only 6 hours a week, I am really going to miss her.  The time with Jack will be great but, it will be so odd to not have her home every day.  
So, we are fitting in a lot of fun actives.  All of her favorites like the zoo, splash pad, playground and pool.  Hopefully the rain holds out and we get to play outside.  

Since school is starting and I am going to be packing her snacks each day I thought I would make a short list of our current pre packaged favorites.  

Kind Bars

NuGo Bars, Vanilla Yogurt

NuGo Bars, Peanut Butter

Pirates Booty

Fruit snacks

This week since we have 2 nights that we will be at the school, I am going to prepare dinners during the day and reheat when we are ready to eat.  

BLT Chicken sandwiches.  I will make a double batch of this so we hopefully have left overs to serve one day on sandwiches and another day over lettuce.  Fruit and roasted sweet potatoes for a side  

Breakfast, I am making the Margarita Frittata with sides of fruit and sausage, scrambled eggs for the kids

Pizza with caesar salad

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