Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fit Bit Challenge Check In 2

Second week completed of the fit bit challenge.  Original Post HERE
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How did everyone do this week?

My personal goal is to make 15,000 steps daily.  I was able to make that goal every day but one despite only getting to the gym twice this week.  Jack is still really struggling in the child care center.  I am also in the middle of re doing the dinning room.  

So, here is the survey.  If you did the challenge please leave a comment.  

What was your daily goal? 15,000

Did you achieve it? all but one day, only 13,000

What was your total steps? 128,103

Average daily steps? 18,300

Best Day? 22,902

Any additional comments?  
I am painting it right now so that has really been my priority when I get free time.  I going to make it more of a priority to get to the gym this week or maybe do some walks after the kids are in bed.  

Check out the health and fitness board I am on to see how others are doing:


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