Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fit Bit Challenge Check In

First week completed of the fit bit challenge.  Original Post HERE
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How did everyone do this week?

I made a personal goal of 15,000 steps daily.  I was able to pretty easily accomplish that goal every day accept one.  I made the mistake of having pizza 2 days in a row and I had a terrible stomach ache yesterday so, I ended up taking it easy last night.  

So, here is the survey.  If you did the challenge feel free to comment.  

What was your daily goal? 15,000

Did you achieve it? all but one day, only 13,000

What was your total steps? 131,147

Average daily steps? 18,735

Best Day? 24,823

Any additional comments? Doing this challenge has made me see how much I am moving/not moving. I am excited to do it for another week. 

For more results from other people doing the challenge, check out the link below.  

Read more: http://pandce.proboards.com/thread/360000/fit-bit-challenge-check#ixzz3Aq44Cxx7

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