Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Plans

GO BLUE!!!!!
Yup, it's that time of year, already!  Michigan Football season kicks off today.  So, we are having beers and breakfast to tailgate at our house.  I am excited to have some friends over and hopefully see a great game this afternoon.
 Funny back story, my very first game ever and first experience with Michigan football began with the game against Apalacian State in which Michigan lost.  We tailgated and then went to the game.  I was hot and ready to go home from the moment the game started but, like a good fan, I stayed and cheered on our team.  Well, they ended up losing and I kid you not, there were fans in the stands crying and I was like, oh no, I am never coming back.  These people are crazy.  Well after skipping that season, the next year I jumped back in and started to understand the whole Michigan college football culture and have enjoyed every season since.
Let's hope today is a better game then it was a few years ago.
Those are our plans for today.
Tomorrow if the weather looks good, we are thinking about taking the kids to the zoo.  We haven't decided if we will go to Detroit Zoo or Toledo Zoo.
Then on Monday I'd like to spend the day relaxing and catching up on some projects I've started around the house.  I am still painting the dining room and Mike put together the cabinet for it last night.  As soon as it' is done I will post some pictures.  I think it is going to come together exactly as I imagined it.  I am still looking for a rug and maybe curtains.
That's about it for the weekend.

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