Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jack-15 months

My little boom boom Jack is 15 months old this week.  I am amazed every day by how much older he seems to be.  He is climbing on everything and is constantly on the move.  He no longer walks,  just runs every where. 
Jack's is a pretty big eater too and is interested in trying lots of different foods.  Although he doesn't like to get his hands too dirty.  If he touches a texture he is not sure about he will put his hand up until I come and wipe it off.  Right now some favorites are noodles, pretzels and hummus, cottage cheese and he loves to drink sparkling water when dad gets home from work and makes it for him. 
His language is what is really coming along right now.  He says about 10 words really well and is adding more every day. Just yesterday I was putting away dishes with his help and he said cup.  Oh I should mention though with all of these amazing new words he is saying, he has yet to say Mama.  I am working on it and when I ask him he will laugh and say daddy or whisper bottle.   He is still using his baby sign language too.  
He is a pretty funny guy and is always trying to make us laugh.  He will do funny noises like after he takes a drink of something he will whisper...ahhhh.  It is pretty hilarious.  He also loves to dance.  He shakes his body and spins around whenever music is on.  
His stats are 25 pounds and 33 inches.  96th for height and 84th for weight.  We were really surprised about his since up until now he has always seemed to be in the 50th percentile for weight and height. The Pedi said he really shot up these last 3 months.  He is currently wearing 18 month clothes comfortably.  

Time is flying by and I couldn't be happier to be here each day watching him grow.  

Love you boom boom!

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