Friday, October 3, 2014

Just an update

Things have been busy around here so writing has taken a back burner.  We just got back from vacation and had a great time.  I have pics and an review on our trip that I will be posting next week, probably Tuesday.
I have a whole list of new recipes that I am excited to share with you.  Most of the posts are half way written so I will finish them up and work on getting them posted next week.  Most recently I have been experimenting with a few new bacon recipes so those will be what I post first.  I have found a new bacon that is a bit more healthier and it is pretty tasty too.

I should mention that I haven't been feeling too great lately.  I am tired and halfway through the day I am starting to count down towards bedtime.  This is usually not like me.  I haven't been getting to the gym or doing my usual exercises at home and my eating also hasn't been too great.  Cooking and food prep has become harder since Jack is more mobile and Evelyn want's to help with everything.  They are both always under neath me whenever I am in the kitchen.  Next week I am hoping to make a better, more complete grocery list that will include more fruits and vegetables with a bigger variety. I am also going to make some time, even if it is after the kids are in bed (which by the way has been a struggle lately too) to cut everything up and prep as much as I can.  Hopefully with more pre planing eating will becoming easier.

Other than that we have just been enjoying time with Nana while she is in town and everyone is getting adjusted to Evelyn starting preschool, which she loves.

This weekend we are having some friends over on Saturday.  Sunday Mike and I are going to the Tiger's Playoff game.  We will be sitting 4th town behind the dugout so look out for us.

My sister in law is also due with her second baby and fingers crossed that he makes his appearance this weekend.  We are all so excited to meet him.

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