Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Plans

We have a busy weekend.  Mike's dad is coming into town and we are keeping him busy.

Today we are taking the kids to Disney on Ice.  They went last year and Evelyn really enjoyed it.  Jack was too little to enjoy it so I am hoping he really likes it this year.  

Saturday the guys are going to the Red Wings game and I am taking the kids to a Princess birthday party.  We are going to have to start getting ready early because I am sure Evelyn will change her mind multiple times on what dress she wants to wear.  

Sunday the guys are going to the Lions game and I am taking the kids to my brothers and sister in laws to see our new little nephew again.  I am going to bring them dinner but I haven't decided what yet.  I will post a pic of the new mom care package I put together for her too.  

Busy and fun weekend for sure.  We still need to get pumpkins and figure out halloween costumes too.  Evelyn has already changed her mind so the costume I started is not going to be needed.  Hopefully she picks something soon and sticks with it.  

What are your weekend plans?

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