Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let's Talk Holidays

The Holidays are arriving and I couldn't be more excited.  This year we get the honor of hosting my side of the family for Thanksgiving.  We also get to host Mike's side for the family Christmas party and then my family for Christmas Eve.
My head is spinning and my Pinterest is overwhelmed with all of the fun ideas I have.  Decorating, food and entertainment.  So so many choices to be made.
Thanksgiving is first up.  I have already finished setting up the dinning room.  We put the leaf in the table for the first time to accommodate everyone.  I also went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some new fall decorations.  The menu is set too.  I hope everything tastes as good as all of the recipes sound.
For Christmas, Mike's side of the family has the same traditions each year.  Everyone has their few dishes that they bring.  It is more of a buffet style where everyone just eats where ever, when ever all the food is done.  I am looking forward to Busha's perogies and Aunt Sharon's Cookies.  
We also do a gender gift exchange.  So each adult brings a gender neutral gift in the $25 range, then we draw numbers to pick and get to trade each gift 2 times.  It is really fun.  Everyone comes up with great ideas and the gifts are so fun because they are all a little unique.  The kids each exchange names and get to open theirs then too.
This is my first year hosting my family for Christmas Eve.  My parents may be moving in the next year or so and since we have kids and my brother and sister in law live pretty close with their two kids it will be easier to have it at our house.  I am so excited to start new traditions with the kids.  Gifts have never been the center of the holidays for Mike and I since we got married.  I want that to be the same for my kids too.  I am hoping to start a gift exchange with the adults this year and then everyone just getting the kids gifts.  We have everything we need and I want the holidays to be about traditions and special fun with the family.  
Evelyn has been on countdown to see her Grandma and Poppa for the past 3 days.  So I know she is going to really enjoy the extra family time with them over the holidays.
This year we are going to take the kids to a light show.  I really think they are going to like that.  There are a couple to choose from.  One is at the Zoo where we have to walk.  That might be too cold for Jack so another option is one that we drive through.
I also want to start a new tradition on Christmas Eve where the girls get to bake cookies with Grandma to leave out for Santa that night.  My mom happens to be a great baker and has some delicious cookie recipes that I need to learn to make.
So much fun planning on my to do list.  Bring it on Holidays, I am ready!!!


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