Monday, November 3, 2014

Mini meals

I haven't posted pictures of what the kids have been eating so here's a few. I pack Evelyn a pretty substantial snack for preschool. I've noticed other parents pack something simple like a banana or some gold fish crackers. Evelyn is not a big eater so I like to make sure she has choices. She usually eats most of the snack so I know she is hungry while she's there. 

Breakfast- These are pancake suckers. The kids really liked these and enjoyed dipping them in syrup. 

Snack- Spinach dip, cheese pretzels and carrot sticks. 

Snack- Cheese, mini pepperonis, crackers and strawberries. 

Snack- Pretzels, cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. 

Snack-Crackers, turkey pepperoni, cheese and raspberries. 

Snack- Pita pizza, goldfish crackers and raspberries. 

Dinner- zucchini noodles with butter, roasted sweet potatoes and white potatoes, baked chicken

Snack- jelly and cream cheese sandwich, mini pepperoni and cheese 

Breakfast with Spatz's toast. Yum!

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