Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Plans

I am getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday and it really needs to be done.  I want to find a new style but I had it cut shorter last time and didn't really like it.  I like that my hair goes a bit wavy if I don't do anything to it but, I don't like that it is so heavy and thick that I get headaches when I wear it up.
I am going to look today and maybe I will find a new style.
That is what I am doing in the morning and then in the afternoon we are having some friends over for some kid play time and probably watching some football.  I haven't decided what I want to cook yet but I am thinking about some small plates and dips.
Sunday I need to work the craft table at church and I hope to grocery shop and pre plan everything for Thanksgiving.  I finished the table set up already and just need to finish the kids table.  I have the menu set too and am hopeful that everything turns out because I am trying a couple new recipes.
Other than that I expect to do some relaxing and enjoying staying inside since ti is so cold out.

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