Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Birthday's and Aging

Every year around my birthday I get question about if I feel older and can you believe it has been xx years.  So these are my thoughts on aging and birthdays.
I have honestly always loved birthdays.  I love celebrating the day and making it special.
Birthdays are a special day because I think of it as if it is a holiday for that individual person.  My parents always made birthdays special by letting us pick our favorite dinner, taking the day off of chores and of course we had cake and ice cream which is always good. 
We didn't always have big parties but we always celebrated.  As I got older and was out on my own I celebrated my birthday with friends, usually making it a full weekend celebration.
 I'd take the day off of work as well and did something relaxing like shopping, sleeping in and lounging around.
I don't think about the day as much as I am getting older but more of a day to celebrate how far I have come.  
If I am being honest each year is better and better for me.  I look back at pictures even from a few years ago and I look healthier, and happier now than I did in my late 20's.
I really couldn't be more content with my life now.  I have a great family.
Becoming a wife and mom was really what I was meant to be.  I never imagined all this for my life but with years and years of working at it things fell into place.  Without getting older, aging and celebrating birthdays each year I would have never made it this far.  
So each year I look forward to my birthday. I look forward to what is going to come next.  I choose to concentrate on the good and look for the positive that comes with aging.  I also don't mind telling people how old I am.
And yes, I can believe that this year I am turning 35.  Crazy I know but, it is the truth and next year I will be even older.  I am ok with that and look forward to it.

Out to brunch with my guy to celebrate my birthday this year.  

My birthday present!  Lincoln MKT.  Yes that is Evelyn in the driver seat.  She loves it too.

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