Friday, December 18, 2015

I jumped on the "It Works" bandwagon

I follow a couple of really sweet ladies on Instagram and I see the amazing results from all of the products and finally decided to try a few of them out.
I am doing a 90 day challenge.  Essentially what that means is committing to trying 3 different products, 1 each month.
I decided to try the Defining gel for the first month.  I am hoping it will help with the few left over stretch marks I still have from being pregnant.  I have tried a few other lotions with out any noticeable changes so maybe this one will work.
I am still undecided about the next 2 months.  I am thinking about maybe the Utlimate Thermofit and then possibly the wraps.
I will do reviews for all of the products one the month is finished.  If you are interested in any of the products you can check them out through the link below.

I should mentioned this is not sponsored.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jack's Christmas List

Jack's Christmas

You had a chance to check out Evelyn's list now you can take a look at Jack's.  Jack loves to sit and do blocks or play with his train sets and he is into anything that plays music.  He is a quick learner likes to do things with his hands.  

Melissa and Doug Abacus I think this will be fun for working on Jack's counting and later working on addition and subtraction.
Xylophone Another musical instrument to add to our collection.  I changed the link for this one because the one pictured is not a part of Amazon Prime and I want to make sure we can get it before Christmas.
Octopus Bath Toy Jack loves taking bath's so I am getting him a few different bath toys.  This is one of them and I think he will really like it.
Razor Jr 3 wheeled scooter Evelyn had one of these when she was 3 and she loved it.  She still has it and Jack has been getting on it and learning how to ride so I am going to get him his own in a boy color.
Melissa and Doug Gears I think this will be great to keep Jack busy and he will love getting to change the gears around.  I am just debating on this one will be too simple so I am considering

Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears instead because the set is bigger and it will have a lot more options.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Evelyn's Christmas List

Evelyn Christmas

Christmas time is coming fast and I am ready to get decorating and start buying gifts.  Christmas is pretty easy for us.  The kids get 3 gifts from Santa, symbolizing the 3 gifts the 3 wise men brought Jesus.  They also get gifts from friends and family and Mike and I each get them something.  
I have so many ideas for them this year.  They are both into different things so I have had a lot of fun coming up with some ideas to suite them both.  
Below are a few things I am considering for Evelyn.  
She is is really into artsy things.  She does crafts for hours and is starting to really enjoy learning to write.  

Melissa and Doug Sketch Pad  We have had similar things like this and she really enjoys them.  
When the Crayons Quit Book  We've never read this book but I have heard really great things about it.  
Melissa and Doug See and Spell  Sight words are a constant these days.  I have downloaded a couple of apps for her iPad and we also have been reading the Bob Books.  I think she will like this as just a way to switch things up.  
Razor Pink Scooter  Evelyn has mastered her 3 wheeled razor and is ready to move on to the big one. 
Toy Clarinet  Evelyn loves music and last year she asked for a Trumpet and still plays it every week so I think I am going to get her the clarinet but then I also saw that there is this set that includes 3 of them  so I might just get this for the few dollars more it will cost. 

I will also fill her stocking with nail polishes and lip glosses and other girly things that she loves.  Stockings are so fun.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What we've been up to

 Fall is in full swing and we've been enjoying the cooler temps and taking advantage of all the fun things to do in fall. 
Here are some recent pics of what we've been up to. 
Naps everyday lately. Pre K has been great for Evelyn and she's pretty tired come afternoon. 

Jack is still taking his normal 1.5 hour naps every afternoon too. 

We talked about potty training. Even bought new underwear but he wants nothing to do with it. Maybe we will try again in a few months. 

We've been doing lots of exploring in our new town. There is lots to do. Tons of kid friendly activities. We even joined a new moms group. I've been able to meet a bunch of new friends and so have the kids. 

Playing outside every afternoon and evening. The neighbors are always outside and the kids love it. They run from house to house riding bikes, jumping on trampolines and playing on the 10 different play sets since every one has one. The ladies and guys talk and it's really nice. Our neighborhood had a tailgating party last week and we are planning our Halloween party that will be coming up. 

I've been getting in my miles for my new tone it up plan. The kids like to come with me. 

Lots of walks. There are a lot of walking trails around. Every time we we see a bench the kids want their picture taken on it. 

Starting to get the house decorated for Halloween. We are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend. It is going to be a lot of fun and the weather should be great. 

So much fun packed into each day. Soon winter will be here and we will be able to find a whole new set of activities. I'm pretty excited about trying out cross country skiing and of course sledding with the kids. We've already scouted out a few great hills. 
More house updates to come soon too. I'm still organizing and everything is looking great. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fit For Fall, Tone it UP

I am excited to let you all know that I have signed up for the Fit For Fall challenge with the Tone it Up team and have completed the first week.
if you are interested you still have time to jump on board and get fit while the weather cools down.  I really like the program because it is do able.  I am not going to say easy because well, nothing is easy. However, it is something that you can do and make work for you if you are willing to put in the work.
The program is all laid out for you.  Nutrition, workouts and lots and lots of inspiration.
I haven't really struggled with keeping up and have been able to fit in almost all of the work outs.  The nutrition has been easier than I thought.  It has just taken time pre plan meals and make sure I am not randomly snacking because the kids snack all day long.
I would love to hear from anyone who has been on the program or from anyone that is doing the challenge.
I am so excited about making the lifestyle change that I set up a separate instagram account.
Check it out at xtina_tiu.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Being the New Girl

We are going on month 2 of being in our new home.  The house is really coming together.  Everything has been painted and most of the furniture that we ordered has come in.  We are just waiting on a chair and footstool.  I like how it all looks and it really seems to fit the rooms well.  I will post pictures once it is all completed.
Evelyn has started school and seems to really like it.  I am not so sure about it yet but it is only week 2 so I need to give it more time.  I just don't feel like she is learning a lot but I also think my expectations might been too high.  The teacher explained to me that the first few weeks are really about setting a routine and teaching the students how to be in a classroom.
I have started implementing more sit down and do some type of worksheet learning project every day at home.  That is making me feel better and Evelyn enjoys the one on one time that we get while Jack naps.
I haven't really met any new people yet.  I know my neighbors and they are really nice.  The ladies have invited me to do dinners and in the evenings and weekends everyone gets together and chats while the kids play.
I know it is going to take some time but it is hard being the New Girl.  I just don't have those real friend bonds that you get when you've known someone for a long time.  I know in time that will come but for now I am missing my friends from home.
I miss that ease that comes from a good friend.  Conversations are not pushed and you know you can totally be yourself around them.
Mike has been great though.  I have spent many evenings just talking his ear off about every detail of my day.  He is a great listener and always re assures me that things will work out in time.
I think as the kids get more involved and I find new activities for us to all do we will meet more and more people and really start to get aquatinted with all the great things Minnesota has to offer.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Move updates

Hello Hello,
Life has been crazier than ever so I haven't had time to get on the computer and update and well, the whole office is still in boxes so it has been difficult to get to anything.
We are setting into our new house and the move to Minnesota couldn't have went any better.
The house is great.  The neighborhood is great.  We really couldn't ask for anything more.  The first day the movers started bringing in our things the neighbors started stopping by and introducing them selves.  They brought wine and flowers and yummy baked goods.  It was amazing.  Everyone has young children and they all play well together.
It actually feels like we are on vacation every day.  Our house overlooks a big pond so we have a nice water view.  The kids fish on it and take canoes and kayaks around it.  They also ice skate on it when it freezes in the winter.
I haven't totally been able to unpack yet.  I am saving a lot of things to do when it starts getting colder out.  I know that in a month or two we will be spending a lot of time inside so I am trying to get outside with the kids as much as possible for now.
We have been checking out the new parks and splash pads in the area.  We also have a pool in our subdivision that we can walk to.
This past weekend we took a family trip to the Quarry where we were able to hike and swim and do some cliff jumping.  We didn't end up jumping because it was a big bigger than we thought and we had the kids with us.  We are going to take a trip out by ourselves and do some more exploring.
The last two months have just been a whirlwind and I am looking forward to Evelyn starting school and getting back to a more normal routine.
I will post some pictures this week.  I also broke my phone so I had to get a new one and now need to download all of my pictures.
Check back later for more updates and follow me on Instagram- xtinapilk.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Jack's Birthday Party Recap

What a day, what a day it was.  All the planning really came together and the day couldn't have been better.
Really it just doesn't get better than that.  I am so thankful for all of the help we had and for all of our friends and family who joined us to Celebrate Jack turning 2.
Since we are moving that was going to be our last big party in our house so we went all out and I think everyone had a great time.
We had a frozen cokes to help cool them down a Mickey Mouse Bounce House, a water slide, a mini pool and the play set for the kids to have fun doing.  For the adults we had lots of drinks including a Margarita Machine and   For food we did a custom menu that Evan and Uncle Will cooked to order.  All Mickey themed mini hot dogs and sliders.  We had sides such as Chips and Dale, Two-doodles Noodles and Minnie Carrots.  For dessert we had Clairabell Cow Moo Muffins, Bumpy Cake and individual cups of ice cream.  
I ended up doing all of the decorations which I had so much fun making.  The cooks had custom shirts and Jack had a special birthday shirt too.
I still can't believe Jack is already 2.  This past year has really went by fast.

Thanks again Dana for taking all the pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer time fun

Summer time is full of fun and enjoying the sun.  Here's what we've been up to lately.

Playing in the front yard and listening to mom tell us 100 times not to go past the sidewalk.  

Evening walks to feed the ducks.  

Playing in our yard with the blow up pool for 10 mins while mom tries to get some sun then asking her to get in over and over until she finally does.  

Strolling lunches outside because eating while walking is much more fun.  

Afternoon naps on the living room floor in opposite sleeping bags.  

Learning about the states while we eat dinner.  

Packing up the wagon to head to the subdivision pool.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Managing Time

Seriously I feel like I am the only person who doesn't have enough time for anything.  I am really struggling lately trying to fit in everything that really needs to be done.  I am always behind on laundry.  I spend hours everyday cleaning just to keep the house at a normal state.
I haven't had time for any of the fun things I enjoy doing like blogging and crafting.
I look at instagram and it is like everyone else has a clean house and is enjoying a care free life.  Then I look around and I feel like my house is in shambles, the kids are crazy and I am running in circles never finishing a project.
Please someone else tell me they struggle with this too?  I am sure I am just spread a little thin with the move coming up and everything that is in the works right now.
My short term goal is to just try to manage my time a little better.  Set small tasks that really need to get done for the day and try to fit in some down time.
Anyone else struggle with this?  Any tips or suggestions would be great.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jack is 2!!!

Little man Jack turns 2 today!  Crazy crazy.  He is such a love and has really grown this past year.
He is a smart little guy.  He can recognize all of his letters, can count to 10 and is starting to put multiple words together.  He loves learning and really enjoys puzzles.
Right now his favorite things include Mickey Mouse and the Minions.  We are having a big party for him on Saturday.  Mickey Mouse themed with a bounce house and lots of fun.
Jack is a cuddle bug and loves to be held.  He also loves his belly and head rubbed.  He will actually move your hand to the spot he wants rubbed.
Favorite foods right now include Macaroni and Cheese, green beans, cucumbers and banana's.  He is also really starting to like cereal and since trying M&M's for the first time 2 weeks ago he asks for them everyday.  He calls them sprinkles.
This age has been by far my favorite.  He is a fun little guy and I am loving every minute of him growing up.
Now I am going to post a bunch of adorable pictures of him.  Love you Jack!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The house is SOLD

I forgot to post this but our house sold.
The sign went up on Friday and we had an offer that day.  We ended up finishing the showings for the weekend and asked for final and best offers Tuesday at noon.
I feel relieved and excited and ready to move on.
The movers are scheduled to come the second week of August and we head out when they are completed.
It has been a really busy month.
That's if for now.  I know it is just a quick update but I will be doing another post on Thursday for Jack's birthday.  I also have to share all of the fun decorations I've been working on.

Monday, July 6, 2015

And We are Ready to Sell

Ready to go.  Our current house is cleaned, inspected and ready to go.  Hopefully it sells fast and someone else gets to enjoy it as much as we have for the past 2 years.
It will be sad to say Good Bye but new adventures await.