Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Basic cupcake recipe

Time and time again I have wrote about how I am not a good baker.  I am trying though and continue to step out of my comfort zone and try new sweet treats.  My family is not complaining with the failed attempts though so I guess it is a win win for everyone.  
Yesterday Evelyn asked for cupcakes and since I didn't have my usual box mix in the house I searched Pinterest and found a simple cupcake recipe.  
It looked easy and I had everything already in the house.  So we started baking.  
I added a bit of pink food coloring to make them pink but other than that I followed the recipe completely.  
Mike thought they were a bit bland but Evelyn and I really liked them.  
Either way we had a lot of fun baking and Evelyn was able to use her sprinkle decorating skills (which are amazing by the way)

Check out the recipe below.  

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