Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jack- 18 Months

We had Jack's 18 month doctor appointment yesterday.
As soon as we walked into the room he started crying.  He settled down for a while and we saw the doctor.
He is growing fast and that really sums up his appointment.  He is off the height chart for his age at 33 inches and 27 pounds.  I feel like he grows in spurts.  Last week he had this really cute sweater on and then I put it on him this week and it was completely too small.
I've been moving him into his 2T clothing and now none of his 18 month clothes fit.
He is talking and talking.  Really he doesn't stop all day long.  He is climbing and wanting to everything on his own.
He's a great eater and noodles of any kind are his favorite.  He also loves pea's, green beans, banana's and blueberry's.  Oh and pouches,  I know there are some debate on the pouches but, he loves them. He is always going to the pantry to get them out and bringing me more to open.
Happy happy describes Jack.  On the go and smiling all the time.  Also a little cuddle bug when he is having milk.  We read lots of books and he loves doing his shape sorters.  We are just starting to get into painting and coloring and while he likes it, he doesn't like getting his hands dirty.
My growing little man.  Getting so big and I couldn't be happier.

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