Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My continued fitness journey

Fitness and nutrition is something that I find very important but it hasn't always been that way.  As a teen I was very active with sports.  My family rarely ate out and my mom always cooked dinner.  So growing up I never gave nutrition a thought.  
I was active in college and played some recreational sports.  I joined a soccer team and was busy walking the campus going to class but I also ate and ate and well, also consumed a few too many cocktails.  I gained some weight.  I am not sure how much but looking back at pictures I was definently not at a comfortable weight for me.  
After college I fell into a new routine of working.  When I first graduated I had a retail job in sales and didn't make enough money so I worked a second job waiting tables.  I was really busy working and hanging out with friends so working out was not a priority.  I did however do pilates every morning.  It was a quick 15 minute routine but I think it actually helped me.  I was more flexible than I have ever been. 
I ended up losing some weight from just being so busy and that was the first time I had realized how much I had let myself go in college.  
I started riding my bike almost every day and I joined a gym for the first time.   I was feeling good and was comfortable with myself.  
Then I met Mike.  We started cooking together, going out to eat often and enjoying lots of cocktails on the weekends.  I stopped working out, although I kept paying for my gym membership and started to gain weight.  When we got engaged I was at my highest weight I think I had ever been at.   
I wanted to feel good on our wedding day so I started watching what I ate and attempting to run.  I was like most people and wanted a quick fix so I started the Slim Fast diet.  And honestly it did work.  I dropped a few pounds before our wedding and felt great in my dress.  I gained the weight back right after the wedding.  
6 months later we went on our honey moon to Hawaii.  At that point I was actively working out and trying to get in shape because we wanted to try for a baby soon.  I knew I would gain weight being pregnant and wanted to be as healthy as possible before we started.  I thought I looked great and I was feeling better.  Again though nutrition took a back seat because I thought since I was working out I could eat whatever I wanted.  

Fast forward to the present day.  5 years of marriage, 2 kids later and lots of life changes and I think I have figured things out.  

First I have started to really enjoy cooking, as seen in my many recipe posts.  I pre plan meals, snacks and always try to eat fresh. clean and balanced meals.  I have done a lot of researching, reading and analyzing food and nutrition.  It has become a hobby of mine and I love learning about how food is used to fuel our bodies.  
I also make working out a priority.  I have learned to love running.  It took a lot of time.  Running is not for everyone either so I get that.  I think it is just important to find something cardio wise that you like.  Walking is what I started with.  I would put Evelyn in the stroller and walk during her naps.  An hour at a time.  She loved the fresh air and I loved the quiet time.  Cardio is not everything though.  Some type of stretching and strength training is essential as well.  I am not great at coming up with my own workouts so I do classes, find routines on Pinterest and also use work out video's.
I don't always make it to the gym.  I would say I only get there a couple times a week if that.  Jack really doesn't like the child care, he doesn't like leaving me so it is hard to hear him scream.  So I fit in some type of working out at home.    
Simple easy things like jumping jacks, a bit of stretching, planks, really anything to get my body moving a bit.  I am also busy with the kids and house.  I rarely sit down and try to keep moving through out the day.  
I have realize fitness and nutrition will continue to be a journey for me.  As I get older things change. Different exercises are essential, changing up my eating habits will have to continue as well.  For now though I am just trying to live a healthy lifestyle and try to make it all a priority.  
Not only for me but to be a good example for my little ones.  

Here is a look back at a few pictures.  

When we got engaged.  

Our honeymoon in Hawaii.  This was about 2 years after our engagement.  

This was a picture I took about a month ago at the gym.  

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