Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Casual day date outfit

The only dates Mike and I go on are day dates.  We usually put Jack down for his nap and then the babysitter comes over.  We are never gone more than a couple of hours but that is just what we need sometimes.  
Lunch and cocktails are always part of the plan so I like to dress casual but wear things that I don't usually get to wear with the kids.  Such as light colored clothing.  
Below is an example of what I prefer to wear.  

Casual day date

I love wearing skinny jeans but they have to be comfortable skinny jeans.  I don't like them when they are too tight but if they are too loose I find that they slide down and I am constantly pulling them up.  Paige Skyline Skinnies seem to be my favorite right now.  
I also like this type of top because it is a little loose around the midsection covering the little bit of mommy belly I still have.  
Boots are a must have in winter and these ones fit the bill because they are flat which is nice and they have a little bit of a rocker edge.  
Clutches are my favorite type of purse and I have about 6 of them.  I don't get to use them a lot but when it is date time I always bring one. 
To finalize the outfit I like to add some type of scarf.  Jewelry is not really my style but I like scarfs.  They help me keep warm in these freezing Michigan temperatures and they are the perfect accessory to add a little color.  
There it is an easy, put together outfit perfect for a day date!

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