Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rough Week

So the kids had the flu last week.  They were pretty sick all week and by Thursday everyone seemed to be feeling better.  Friday we even did some playing and ran a couple of errands.  Saturday we had some family over and ate lots of yummy food and stayed up way too late playing domino's.  Then Sunday I woke up sick, sick, sick.  I can't believe that I got sick and that I got it worse than the kids did.  So today is Wednesday and I am still battling this.  I am up and moving today but still very slowly.  It has been really really bad and I am excited to start feeling better.  
Our meal plan hasn't worked out because I haven't been eating and Mike has just made the kids quick meals.  I did however grocery shop and have lots of yummy things planned so I am going to bump that all to next week and spend the next couple days just eating soup.  
Next week we all be better, fingers crossed and life will resume as normal.  Can't wait for Spring!

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