Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Plans

Friday Friday.  I have been waiting all week for this day. We are not even doing anything special I am just excited about the weekend.  Well really about having Mike home for 2 whole days.  The kids have been sick all week.  I have done more yucky laundry than I would like to discuss and more disinfecting than any normal person should do.  I am ready for a break.
We had wine Wednesday and vodka Thursday and I think it helped make the week go a little quicker.
We are hanging out at home all weekend and I am happy about that.  Everyone seems better this morning so hopefully another couple of days of rest and we will be back to our normal routine next week.
I plan on finishing up thank you cards from Evelyn's birthday.  I want her to write her name on all of the cards but I don't know if she is going to have the patience to set down and do that.  We will see.
I am also going to do some more pinning on pinterest for some education activities for Jack.  He played on the IPad way too much this last week with being sick and I am going to need to keep him busy and play a bit of catch up.  He is doing ok and is where he should be at for his age but I know we have to keep working on things.
I meal planned yesterday and picked up a few things at the store so I need to finish the grocery list and make sure we have everything for next week.  Oh and also I have been working on some budget friendly healthy meals that I will share in the next could of weeks along with the break down so you can see how much they cost.
That's really about it.  Hanging out and enjoying the family sounds like a great two days.

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