Monday, April 27, 2015

Menu Planning Monday

Life has been so busy lately now that the weather is finally getting nice here in Michigan.  I am so excited about this week because Mike and I are taking a short trip to Chicago to celebrate his birthday.  My mother in law is going to be in town so she will be watching the kids.  
I am going to make a few meals ahead of time in an attempt to make things easier for her.  I also went grocery shopping over the weekend so I am all set for the week.  

Here is what I have.  I know it is a lot of salad this week but we all really like salad and we have been trying to cut out potato's.     

Grilled steak with roasted Brussel sprouts and a side salad
Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese Panini's with Greek salad (trying a new dressing, I will let you know how it turns out)
Zucchini Spaghetti with cucumber salad
Southwest Pepper Jack Salad with Quesadilla's 
Grilled Chicken with roasted veggies
Grilled Chicken with Cesar pasta salad

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

What a weekend we had.  Evelyn and I had our first girls trip.
We went to Frankenmuth for the weekend with the highlight of the trip being having lunch with Elsa and Anna from Frozen.
We explored Frankenmuth all day Saturday.  We shopped and saw all the sights.  We even took a carriage ride through downtown.  After all that walking around we ended up having a late dinner.
and then getting to bed way later than usual.  Thankfully Evelyn slept until 7:30 which is about an hour and a half later than her normal wake up time.
We went swimming Sunday morning than started to get ready for our big lunch date.
Evelyn was star struck seeing Elsa and Anna.  She didn't end up eating any of her lunch because she just watched them go table to table.  It was so emotional for me and I am not sure why.  I actually was teary eyed watching her.  She was just so excited and so happy.  Being  parent and getting to see your child that happy is such a great feeling.  
The lunch was at the Bavarian Inn and they really did a great job.  Each child had an opportunity to say Hi to both princesses and then have a private picture with them.  After that they together learned a special princess dance.  They even received a special Frozen crown as their gift.
The first of many many girls weekends to come!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekend Plans

I am so excited about this weekend because Evelyn and I are taking our first girls trip.  We are heading up to Frankenmuth for the weekend with another Mom friend and her daughter.  
Saturday we are hanging at the water park at Zehnders.  I haven't been there in years and although I am not super excited about getting in a bathing suit while being so very pale.  It is going to really fun.  After the fun at the water park we will get dinner somewhere then head back to the hotel.  Hopefully the kids fall fast asleep and the adults get to hang out a bit.  
Sunday is the special day though.  We have reservations to have lunch with Elsa.  The afternoon also includes a special princess activity, a dance and time with Anna and Olaf.  Evelyn has so many frozen dresses I am not sure which one she is going to end up wearing.    
I am really looking forward to some special time with just Evelyn and I know she is going to really enjoy all of the fun we are going to have.  
Oh and I am going to try to squeeze in a quick stop at the outlets on the way.  I need a few things for spring and the kids needs some clothes too.  
What are you up to this weekend?  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Re Cap and Spring Break

Easter just wrapped up and now we are on Spring Break.  Easter was fun and we were able to spend it with both families.  
Jack had the stomach bug and missed pictures with the Easter bunny but I took Evelyn.  Then Evelyn ended up getting the stomach bug again two days before Easter so she stayed home with Mike on Saturday.  
Jack and I headed to celebrate with my side of the family for the day.  We had a great time and it was a nice relaxing day.  
Everyone was feeling great and healthy on Easter so we all went to brunch with Mike's side of the family.  
Evelyn finally talked her dad into letting her get a pet.  She has been asking for a kitten but he talked her out of it.  They settled on a fish.  It is cute and she has been doing a great job feeding it everyday.  
We have started doing weekly learning themes and this week we are celebrating Spring.  I will be posting our daily activities.  Both of the kids have had fun learning and doing some fun educational activities.  Even Jack has played along.  He doesn't like getting his hands dirty so play dough and painting are not his favorite but he has been trying it out.  
The rest of the week is full of fun daily activities.  We have already went to the zoo and had a playdate.  We have went out to dinner and had soccer class.  Errands still have to be finished and the house some use a bit more cleaning but we have just been enjoying having fun together.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of Spring!